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Advertising on Car Window Helps Woman Find a Kidney Donor

Shelly Wheaton started her car sign campaign to find a kidney donor or hero in September.

"In my opinion anybody that is willing to give you a part of themselves so you can have a second chance at life is a hero in my book," Shelly Wheaton said.

She has Polycystic Kidney Disease or PKD. Tumors are shutting down her kidneys. Dialysis is the only thing keeping her alive until she finds her donor or hero.

Hairstylist Andrea Newsom is the hero who answered that call.

"I thought that was really awesome for her to put herself out there," hairstylist Andrea Newsom said.

She doesn't consider herself a lifesaver, but she is. She's giving Wheaton one of her kidneys.

"It's hard to even grasp that," Newsom said. "I just feel like I'm doing what I'm being called to do. I haven't even really thought about it being a lifesaver it's just what I'm supposed to do."

She knew Wheaton was advertising for a donor on her car. But these two already share a bond. Newsom has been doing Wheaton's hair for more than 20 years.

"Well honestly I don't know that you can put it into words," Wheaton said. "How do you thank someone for not only giving you a second chance at life, but giving you an organ and a piece of them."

Wheaton is glad she's found her hero. But she's not done sharing her message.

"I hope to be and advocate for other people that have PKD, other donors, and can hopefully get more people in the living donor process," Wheaton said.

Newsom also hopes she inspires others to do good deeds.

"I think some people feel like they are called to be a donor and others may feel like they want to donate time," Newsom said. "There is something we can all do to make everything better for everyone."

"Bottom line is everybody has a spare and Andrea is willing to share hers with me and I can't thank her enough," Wheaton said.

The kidney transplant is scheduled for November 20 at Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center in Fort Worth. If all goes well they should be released in 3 to 4 days.

Newsom will miss about four weeks of work while recovering. So Wheaton has set up a GoFundMe page to help her donor out with lost wages. To learn more about donating click here.

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