A Texas Driver's License May Soon Not Be Enough for Air Travel

You may soon need more than just a driver’s license to board a commercial airplane.

That’s because the Transportation Security Administration is requiring the state of Texas to comply with federal regulations to obtain a driver’s license.

If the state fails to do so, travelers may be forced to provide another form of government-issued identification to get through airport security for domestic flights.

“I don't mind upping security. I think we need to do that, but I think something in addition to a driver's license is really going to be a problem for people,” said frequent traveler Maylon Hight.

Hight is one of many airline travelers who believe the stricter regulations are unnecessary. Travelers without a passport fear they won’t be able to travel if the TSA enforcements go into effect.

“I don’t like that. I don’t have a passport. I’ve never flown internationally. I don’t plan to, so don’t need one. I don’t like that idea.” says DFW traveler, Secret Kunkle.

The law is a part of the Real I.D. Act enacted by Congress in 2005 upon the recommendation of the 9/11 Commission. It requires states to increase security on application items such as: proving the applicant’s identity, social security number and immigration status. It also requires states to put in place chip technology to share the driver’s personal information between states.

Travelers who support the measure say they understand the law’s purpose is to enhance national security.

“I just feel more secure. I think there's more vetting with a passport than a driver's license.” says Debbie Lovell.

Texas is one of 22 states given extensions by the federal government.

The state has until October 10 to comply with the federal regulations.

Though the clock is ticking, Department of Public Safety officials ensure they are taking the steps necessary to comply with the TSA requirements in time to meet the October deadline.

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