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Potholes Follow Heavy Rain



    Potholes Follow Heavy Rain
    Run over a few of these beauties, and your tires will never be the same again.

    October’s heavy rains have left a crop of potholes across North Texas.

    A pothole forms when water seeps under the gravel on the roads and pushes up dirt from below, that’s why so many appear during heavy rains.

    Potholes can bend or shred a vehicle's wheel, throw it out of alignment or out of balance, mechanics said. If the pothole is large enough, they said it's more than an inconvenience.

    "Your tire will explode and you can lose control of your car so it's very dangerous if you don't see the hole in the street," Ramiro Fuentes is with commercial tire shop, he said

    The city of Dallas said it doesn’t know about potholes unless it's notified by residents, so if you see a pothole, call 311. If it is a hazardous hole, crews will respond within 3 hours. If it’s non hazardous, the hole will be filled within 5 days.