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UNT Bans Alcohol at Fraternity, Sorority Events



    UNT Bans Alcohol at Fraternity, Sorority Events
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    A smashed beer can litters a front yard along the street where Greek organizations have houses.

    University of North Texas police arrested four people Thursday in connection to an incident that lead to an alcohol ban at all Greek life events. 

    The university announced the ban on Wednesday in a press release, after an incident on Jan. 26 where police say 20-year-old Dustin Starks fell over a stairwell railing at the Delta Sigma Phi house on campus. 

    Starks survived the fall, but continues to recover at a local hospital.

    UNT spokesperson Kelley Reese says Grayson Loar , 21, turned himself in to UNT police along with three other students,  Eric Maclaren, 19, Tyler Demando, 19, and Matthew Rowland, 20. All were arrested on charges of furnishing alcohol to minors – a Class A misdemeanor. 

    "It was clear that there is reason to be concerned about the availability of alcohol to underage individuals," Reese said.

    Arrest warrants are out for three more students for the same charge. Peter Talley, 21, Christopher Cartas, 19, and Emily Curtis, 18, are all making arrangements to turn themselves in to police.  

    “Furnishing alcohol to a minor is illegal, and so is the consumption of alcohol by minors. When it comes to our students, UNT will not tolerate either and we are committed to help prevent it from happening,” said Elizabeth With, vice president of student affairs, in a press release.

    The dean of students is leading a task force to promote responsible, legal alcohol use. The task force will include Greek life students, chapter and campus advisors to Greek organizations, and faculty.

    Reese says the ban on alcohol at fraternities and sororities will continue until that task force sees fit to end it.

    No UNT Greek life members were willing to speak with NBC 5 on camera. One student, who declined to be identified, did say that Greek life members were instructed not to, but added that many of them feel it’s unfair to punish everyone for the actions of a few.