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Thieves Repeatedly Steal from Arlington Little League

Thieves steal concession stand cash and candy



    Thieves Target Arlington Little League

    Three times this week thieves have broken in to the Southeast Arlington Little League concession stand and they're stealing more than money. (Published Friday, April 27, 2012)

    An Arlington little league club is hoping guilt stops thieves who keep breaking into a concession stand at Cravens Park.

    Southeast Arlington Little League’s concession stand has been broken into five times in the last seven weeks. 

    Three of those break-ins took place this week, including one Friday morning.

    "If whoever it is that is doing this just understands that they're actually taking from the kids in our community, you know I think maybe that will be a wakeup call for them," said Juan Segura  the Vice President for Southeast Little League.

    The first time the theieves got $1,600 in cash.

    Now the league takes all paper money with them after games, but the thieves keep returning, ripping off change and candy.

    "It's kind of disheartening, a little bit, to know that we try to come out here, do a good thing, keep the kids off the streets and we have somebody who just doesn’t know any better and [is] really doing us wrong," said Segura.

    The stolen profits would go toward leasing field time from city owned fields and buying equipment for the kids.

    Segura spent most of Friday at the concession stand while a locksmith replaced a lock he’s worked on before.

    "I was out here a couple of days ago and they had taken off one I had put on probably about a month ago. And I was here Tuesday and came back today and it was clear off," said locksmith Elliot Arriaza.

    During the five burglaries the thieves either busted through deadbolts or pried their way through a rolling door. Once inside they smash the alarm.

    The league says it can't afford to keep replacing the $200 alarm after each burglary.

    The City of Arlington is paying for damage to the doors and police are stepping up patrols.