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Send Out a Kitty Search Party

Missing cat belongs to deployed Army vet



    Send Out a Kitty Search Party
    Courtesy Hafemann Family

    Liv, the cat, has lived a few interesting lives.

    He found his human in Baton Rouge, La., and moved with said human to Coppell just before Pfc. Mark Hafemann -- he would be the human -- shipped out to Baghdad with his U.S. Army unit.

    Hafemann named the cat after Liv Ullman because he thought the cat to be female. Hafemann brought Liv to his parents' home in Coppell, where they found out the feline's true sexuality. So, they changed his name to Livingstone but still call him Liv, as much as a cat answers to any name.

    Here's the deal, though: Liv went missing Nov. 5 from the home near Condor Drive and MacArthur Boulevard, and he's still on the lam. Hafemann's parents really, really want to find the cat because Hafemann might be home for Christmas before redeployment to Afghanistan.

    They set up a Craigslist ad, posted fliers and scoured the neighborhood. No luck so far.

    Liv is a "massive cat" and "really affectionate," according to Pamela Hafemann, Mark's mom. She said Liv is not content just to sit next to someone on the couch, he wants to lay in that lap right there ... that warm, cushy lap.

    Liv left home wearing a royal blue colar -- although he's known to slip out of it -- with a dark pink, heart-shaped ID tag. Remember, he was mistaken for a she. From the looks of the photo, he's an American shorthair, a tabby cat, with a white undercarriage and black-and-brown back and tail.

    Call the Hafemann family at 972-471-0256 or 214-673-8546 with information concerning Liv's whereabouts.

    Let's get this boy home.

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