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"Rational Radio" to Sign Off Jan. 1



    "Rational Radio" to Sign Off Jan. 1
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    Though they promoted themselves as "the blowtorch of truth in North Texas," 1360 AM, or "Rational Radio," will be torched come Jan. 1.

    The station that proved a home for the displaced Pugs and Kelly, as well as Richard Hunter and Jack E. Jett, is out of money, according to a report by Robert Wilonsky.

    "I'm out of money, and I have other investors now," owner Dave Cliftontold Unfair Park. Now, Clifton believes, his new investors will move to something friendly to advertisers in the AM market -- like Indian music?

    "I suspect we may be hearing Hindustani music in the near future," Clifton adds.

    Most of the Rational Radio crew will continue broadcasting over the Internet, which showman Richard Hunter has been doing for some time, but there is no word yet on whether the programming will hit the AM waves again.