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Plano Budget Proposal Includes New City Jobs

With more revenue, city planning to add about 30 positions



    The City of Plano is adding firefighters, police officers and employees in parks and recreation thanks to an increase in new property values. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012)

    After years of cuts, Plano's proposed budget would add about 30 full-time jobs.

    City Manager Bruce Glasscock said the budget is balanced and that the city is trying to regain some of the ground it lost during the recession.

    “Over that three- or four-year period, we cut $39 million from the budget and about 100 positions,” he said.

    Glasscock said he doubts that the average citizen noticed a decrease in the quality of city services, saying the city “learned to do more with less”.

    But city officials observed that some projects, such as repairing streets and sidewalks, were taking longer than expected.

    Glasscock said the city needs more resources for the police department, for public works and for parks and recreation. The city would also hire 15 firefighters.

    “As soon as the council approves it, we’ll start posting jobs,” said Jim Parrish, city human resources director.

    City employees may also receive raises.

    Extra money in the proposed city budget comes from increased revenue, including taxable property values and new taxable property.