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Perry Pledges More Scrupulous Spending Planning

Perry will described his plan to the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Wednesday



    Perry Pledges More Scrupulous Spending Planning
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    SPARTANBURG, SC- JANUARY 8: Republican presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks during a campaign stop at the Beacon Drive-In January 8, 2012 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. After suffering a fifth place finish in the Iowa caucuses, Gov. Perry has returned to the campaign trail in South Carolina with events for the next several days in hopes of keeping his candidacy alive. (Photo by Rainier Ehrhardt/Getty Images)

    Gov. Rick Perry says he's committed to balancing the Texas budget by reducing unnecessary spending and without raising taxes.

    The Republican governor pledged to do a better job of using money collected from fees for their intended purpose and not for other uses. He says lawmakers need to practice truth in the budgeting process and spend wisely, because there's no such thing as extra revenue when it comes from taxpayers' pockets.

    Speaking at a news conference in Fort Worth on Wednesday, Perry said the Texas budget needs to be balanced without accounting maneuvers.

    However, Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis of Fort Worth says the present budget wasn't balanced because of gimmicks. She says about $5 billion was transferred to the general fund although it had been collected for other purposes.