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Opposition to New Condom Sense Store in Plano

City says it will inspect store after opening to determine if there is violation of permit



    A group of Plano residents oppose the opening of a Condom Sense store at Parker and Independence roads. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013)

    Opponents to an adult novelty store set to open Tuesday in Plano are asking city leaders to prevent the store from opening.

    Condom Sense is scheduled to open its newest location on Parker and Independence roads.

    Opponents said they want the mayor and the City Council to use "common sense" and stop the owners from opening so close to churches, homes and schools.

    "I've got students that don't need to be walking past this to go to the taco shop on the corner and catch the bus," said Marvin Effa, Bethany Christian School principal and Bethany Bible Church pastor. "They just don't need to be exposed to that."

    City Manager Bruce Glasscock said the Condom Sense owners did not indicate it was a sexually oriented business when they applied for a permit.

    Plano city ordinances prohibit sexually oriented businesses from opening within 3,000 feet of a church, school or residence.

    "We have to do go in, we have to see what the business is and then they'll take the action that they deem appropriate," Glasscock said.

    In order for the store to be considered a sexually oriented business, the bulk of its sales would have to come from pornographic magazines, videos or sex toys.

    The owner of the store said he is concentrating sales on other items, such as dresses, shoes and lingerie.

    "We'll go into that one Condom Sense when they're open for business," Glasscock said. "The police department will do an inspection, and if they determine they think in their opinion it's in violation, they'll bring that to the attention of the owners."

    Neighborhood activist Patrice Hines protested the store at Monday night's City Council meeting with several signs. She vowed not to give up her fight.

    "We may even picket the store," she said. "We haven't decided at this point what all we will do to get this business out of there."

    The Condom Sense location is scheduled to open at 10 a.m. Tuesday. Its hours will be 10 a.m.-10 p.m.