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North Texans Making Pilgrimage to See Pope

Deadly drug violence will not stop "once in a lifetime" pilgrimage



    North Texans Making Pilgrimage to See Pope
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    Father Jesus Belmontes of Sait Juan Diego Catholic Church of Dallas plans to make the trip to Mexico with several parishoners to see Pope Benedict XVI.

    Father Jesús Belmontes and the members of the Saint Juan Diego Catholic Church in Dallas are planning the trip of a lifetime.

    "They are very excited. For them to see the Pope is like seeing Jesus Christ in the image of the Pope," said Belmontes.

    Pope Benedict XVI will visit three cities in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico.  And, despite the U.S. State Department warning against traveling to Mexico, the worshipers at Saint Juan Diego said it is worth taking the risk.

    "For the people to receive the blessing of the successor of Peter is very important, and I think that is all that matters -- no fears or anything else getting in the way," said Belmontes.

    The church members plan to follow in a caravan. They will have to travel along northern and central Mexican states to get to the place where the Pope will speak.

    This could mean going through areas where kidnappings, violent seizures and corrupt police enforcement have occurred.  Many hope the Pope's visit will help put a stop to the violence in Mexico, even for a short time.

    "We have to trust in God that all this, what is happening, is going to bring one day peace to the country, and going to make us, a better country of Mexico."