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NBC 5 Education Summit Brings Educators Together



    Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in a teacher's lounge?   To hear what educators think about the topics we all discuss?  School funding, test scores, drop out rates, teacher performance? 

    These were just some of the issues covered in the first ever NBC 5 Education Summit. Some of the top education administrators in North Texas met around one table at Arlington's Chamber of Commerce for a long discussion streamed live and interactive on NBCDFW.com to discuss problems and solutions for schools.

    The topic that truly set off passionate opinions from both public and private school representatives was standardized testing and specifically TAKS testing.   Educators were critical of the use of any single test as a means to assess student achievement.   Some administrators feel the weight given to the test is killing teachers ability to get creative in classrooms and reach students.   

    Several private school administrators bragged off the freedom their staff have to allow students to grow and learn at their own pace, free of the states mandates for TAKS testing.

    Top Educators Discuss the State of the Classroom

    [DFW] Top Educators Discuss the State of the Classroom
    NBC 5 and NBCDFW hosted its first Education Summit with top educators in one room discussing the difficult issues affecting our children's classrooms.
    (Published Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2010)

    The overall consensus is that the entire educational system is in need of overhaul, as one administrator put it, we have a 19th century system based on training students for, "routine, automated, manufacturing based jobs."  The exact jobs which are leaving the nation when what's needed is a 21st century approach that stresses the development of a child's creativity and the use of technology.

    The NBC 5 education summit, is part of NBC'S Education Nation campaign, which will focus all week on problems and solutions that confront our nations schools.    

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