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More Mums, Gargantuan Mums

Giant homecoming arrangements speak louder than words



    More Mums, Gargantuan Mums

    Back in the day, we gave our homecoming dates nice simple corsages, maybe a wrist corsage, made of one orchid for the dance, and a smallish mum featuring the full-namesake flower, a chrysanthemum — hey, spelled that right on the first try — a couple of streamers, a plastic football, and maybe our jersey number fashioned out of pipe cleaners for special dates.

    Of course, that was just after flowering plants had evolved from wild grasses, so maybe we were just being careful with a new life form.

    Today’s arrangements, though, look to be about as big as the girls wearing them … in most cases. The gaudier the arrangement the more popular the wearer? Is that it?

    Or is it just another manifestation of over-pampering the kids with lavish displays of, what, affection … parental acquiescence … affluence?

    Or maybe it's just a case of one- or two-upsmanship.

    Yeah, yeah, I know … time for your nap, grandpa. Damn kids.

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    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. His homecoming date probably still hasn’t forgiven him. Right, Cindy?