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Man Drives SUV, Trailer into Lake Grapevine

Man thought SUV was in park while putting boat in the lake



    Man Drives SUV, Trailer into Lake Grapevine
    Keaton Fox
    Rescue crews pull a SUV out of Lake Grapevine after a man accidentally let it slip under the waves.

    A man unloading his boat from a trailer into Lake Grapevine was unhurt after the SUV hauling the trailer slipped into the lake.

    Rescue crews arrived to a loose boat and both the trailer and SUV completely submerged in the water.

    Ron Fields said he was starting his fishing trip Wednesday morning around 7:30 a.m. when he backed the trailer onto the boat ramp.

    Fields said he thought the SUV was in park when it began moving backward into the lake. Fields said he was unable to stop the SUV from disappearing completely into the lake.

    Fields had an ice pack on his head, but said he was otherwise uninjured.

    Divers were called to locate the vehicle. One diver said the water was murky, but he could see the SUV's headlights still on when he first dove under the water. While under, the diver said he tried standing on top of the vehicle to see if he could see above the surface, and could not.


    The morning's events didn't deter Fields though.

    "Not a good start," Fields said. "Get to go fishing in a little bit."