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4 killed, 16 injured in mass shooting April 2, 2014

Injured Soldier from Fort Hood Speaks



    Injured Soldier from Fort Hood Speaks

    An Army Major is out of the hospital two weeks after a shooting rampage at Fort Hood left him injured.

    Patrick Miller underwent two surgeries and is expect to make a full recovery. Miller was one of the 19 people who were shot by a soldier who went on a deadly shooting rampage at the Texas Army post.

    A total of three people were killed during the shooting. Miller was among the other 16 people who survived the deadly incident.

    "I've got a long road ahead as far as the rehab and recovery, but this is a big first step," said Miller. "I understand that I'm lucky to be alive, and I'm very appreciative for what I have to still be here and have my family."

    The military now recognizes Miller as a hero for helping other soldiers get to safety and for calling police despite being injured.