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Hundreds Plant Flags For Fallen Veterans

900 volunteers place American flags at DFW National Cemetery.



    27,000 flags are planted at DFW National Cemetery to honor fallen United States Veterans. (Published Monday, May 28, 2012)


    On this Sunday before Memorial Day, 900 volunteers went to work instead of taking the day off.

    The volunteers planted American flags at each of the grave markers at DFW National Cemetery.  Each came with their own reason.

    "I wanted to teach my kids that Memorial weekend is Memorial weekend, and what that really means," said volunteer Tina Jones. "It's more than just about going to the parade and going to the hall and listening to music."

    "My grandfather served in World War II," said Jones. "My dad served in Vietnam. My husband served in Desert Storm, his nephew in Iraqi Freedom. I wanted to teach my children what Memorial Day is really about, I thought this was the right way to do it.. the least we can do."

    There are more than 27,000 fallen military buried at the DFW National Cemetery.

    Bob Fussner organized the event. He expected only 200 volunteers and was surprised when 900 showed up to help.  He plans to pick up the flags and do the event again next year.

    Earlier this month, NBC 5 profiled Fussner's efforts to raise money and plant the flags in time for this Memorial Day.