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Teenage Heroes Rewarded With New Cars for Stopping Kidnapping



    Heroes Rewarded for Stopping Kidnapping

    Aaron Arias and Jamal Harris are driving brand new cars as a reward for stopping a kidnapping. (Published Friday, Dec. 27, 2013)

    Two teenage heroes are driving new cars as a reward for their bravery in stopping an August kidnapping.

    The young men were delivered a pair of 2014 Subaru Foresters at Sewell Subaru on Lemmon Avenue Thursday afternoon.

    “When we heard about the story, we were all compelled, just to see these young men step up and do the right thing,” Subaru Zone Director Troy Poston said.

    Aaron Arias, 19, a student at Texas A & M University at Texarkana and Seagoville High School student Jamal Harris, 17, were on the way to pick up a friend in Seagoville Aug. 22 when Harris spotted a woman in another car at a stoplight.

    “I looked over and I saw a lady in the back seat and could see her making faces and how scared she was and I kept looking at her lips and she was saying ‘help me,’” Harris said.

    Arias called 911 and the two teens followed along as the suspect drove to Kaufman County.

    “I didn’t really give the operator a chance to tell me not to follow them because I really wanted to keep going and make sure everything ended up perfectly right,” Arias said.

    Deputies stopped the vehicle, safely rescued the woman and arrested the driver.

    The suspect is awaiting trial on federal kidnapping charges.

    Authorities said the 25-year-old victim was kidnapped outside a Downtown Dallas office building.

    “They did an outstanding job and we’re really proud of both of them,” Poston said.

    The young men said they were not thinking about rewards when they took action to stop the kidnapping.

    “We were just trying to save a life really,” Harris said.

    Harris' mother, Jennifer Harris, said her son was not able to drive her standard transmission car so the new automatic transmission Subaru will be very useful.

    “This is really going to be a blessing for him to be able to get around without me taking him everywhere he needs to go,” she said.

    Aaron Arias plans to sell the old car he was driving and put that money in the bank.

    “It will be great,” Arias said.