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Gun Control Debate Plays Out in North Texas

Group on Friday rallies in support of president's proposals; separate demonstration Saturday calls for no further regulations



    The gun debate rages on in North Texas as parents of people killed by guns for tougher gun control laws. (Published Friday, Feb. 22, 2013)

    Supporters on both sides of the emotional debate on gun control are making their case at North Texas demonstrations.

    On Friday, the group Organizing for Action went to the Dallas office of Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz to ask him to support President Barack Obama's proposals.

    "He can either stand with the parents who've lost children, the parents of Newtown, (Conn.), the parents all across America who've lost children, or he can stand with the gun lobby," group leader Marsha Fishman said.

    About two dozen people attended the demonstration, including parents of victims.

    Elizabeth Soltero said her 22-year-old daughter was killed in California in 2000 by a woman who was given guns by someone else.

    "We couldn't do anything about the man who gave her the guns, because all he had to do is say, 'I didn't know she was going to kill somebody,'" Soltero said.

    Among other things, the group wants gun owners to be held responsible for the use of their firearms and to expand background checks for purchases at gun shows.

    "We don't feel that universal background checks infringes on anybody's rights," Fishman said.

    On Saturday, 500 people are expected at a Dallas rally opposing new limits on guns.

    Organizer Jonathan Osborn said the Day of Resistance is one of 90 similar rallies scheduled around the country on Saturday.

    "We don't want our Second Amendment further regulated or infringed on in any way," he said.

    Osborn said investing more money in enforcing existing laws would be a better way to remove guns from the hands of criminals than adding new laws.

    "It's not going to take out the criminal element or even the violent, mentally ill element," he said. It's only going to further hinder the normal citizens' -- the law-abiding citizens' -- ability to defend themselves and harm them," he said.

    The demonstration is scheduled from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Dallas Flag Pole Hill on Northwest Highway.