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Witnesses Recall Terrifying Moment When Guard Killed

Brinks issues $50,000 reward after armored guard killed in failed robbery attempt



    Witnesses Recall Terrifying Moment When Guard Killed

    Brinks has issued a $50,000 reward after an armored security guard was shot and killed early Friday in an attempted ATM robbery at a Chase Bank in Dallas.

    At about 9:30 a.m., the guard, 46-year-old Cresencio Borquez, of Melissa, exited the armored car to refill a cash machine at the Chase Bank at 2530 Fort Worth Avenue in North Oak Cliff. Soon after he was approached by a man with a gun who grabbed him and fatally shot him, Dallas police said.

    "The suspect just ran up to the Brinks employee, grabbed him around the neck and then shot him at close range," said Sr. Cpl. Janice Crowther, of the Dallas Police Department. "Unfortunately this Brinks employee came to work this morning to do his job and it's just so unfortunate that he was robbed and killed."

    Witnesses told police they heard as many as 9 gunshots, the first few many discounted as being the sounds of nearby construction or simply a normal occurrance in Oak Cliff.

    Search Is On For Killer of Brinks Guard

    [DFW] Search Is On For Killer of Brinks Guard
    46-year-old Cresencio Borquez was gunned down while loading cash into an ATM in Dallas.
    (Published Friday, Sept. 18, 2009)

    "I thought it was just, it's Oak Cliff. I thought it was just gunshots," said one witness who wished to remain anonymous.  After hearing more than two shots, she realized there was something abnormal going on and looked in the direction of the bank. "He ran out of there so nervous and fast -- he didn't have nothing in his hands."

    Another witness pulled into the bank parking lot right as the shots rang out.  They then said they saw the man running with a gun and they immediately took cover inside their vehicle.

    "We heard gunshots and took cover, ducked down in my van," said the witness. "My daughter fainted and we just stayed ducking down in the van. It was very scary. We were just praying to God everything would be well."

    Witnesses said they saw the shooter run across the street and get into a white Honda coupe, which then quickly fled the scene.  One man, Mike Carter, cautiously gave chase and provided police with invaluable information.

    "I was in the street out there and he ran across in front of me. I thought he was just robbing somebody and I started to get out," said Carter. "I heard shots. I thought he was going to just rob somebody who was at the ATM. That's why I was getting out of my truck. Then he started firing."

    Carter told NBCDFW's Randy McIlwain that he wanted to help the victim, whoever it was.  When he saw the shooter hop into the getaway car, he followed.

    "When he stopped at that stoplight I should have rammed his car. I didn't and I should have stopped him. Next time I will," said Carter.

    Investigators said the rear license plate on the getaway car was mounted upside down -- a tip received from Carter.

    Investigators said they are actively searching for the shooter and driver of the getaway car.  Anyone with information on the identity of the pair should contact the Dallas Police Department.

    Brinks has issued a reward of $50,000 for information leading to the arrest and capture of the gunman.