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Fort Worth ISD Has the Wrong Number



    The FWISD continually calls man about a truant child that isn't his. (Published Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010)

    An Arlington man is fed up with the Fort Worth Independent School District for calling his phone, over and over again.

    For the past several months JR Jordan has received phone calls from the district notifying him that Tiara is not in school.  The problem, is that Tiara is not his child and the district has been calling the wrong number.  A lot.

    "Generally, every night we'd get a phone call from an automatic robo-dialer from the Fort Worth Independent School District," said Jordan.  "Southwest High School in particular, saying that Tiara had either missed the entire day or missed certain periods through the day and is truant."

    Its a call no parent wants to get about their child, but it's also a call you really don't want to get, ad nauseum, about a child you don't know.

    "The secretaries at Southwest High School said that they field dozens of phone calls all day long from angry people saying that they're getting unwanted calls and that there's really nothing they can do about it."

    The Fort Worth ISD confirmed erroneous calls happen frequently. 

    Jordan said the district promised him they would remove his phone number from their system, but said he's still getting calls.

    "The last time I got a call was two days ago, on Tuesday," he said.  "Apparently, Tiara missed second and fourth period that day."

    Jordan purchased his new mobile phone four months ago, when the calls started coming in, and figures that is the problem.

    "Maybe I got their old phone number.  I have no way of knowing," he said.  "Maybe Tiara gave a different phone number so she could get out of going to school and not have her parents alerted."

    But whatever the cause, Jordan wants a solution, and fast.

    "Its just annoying and aggravating," he said.

    Update: On Thursday, a spokesperson for Fort Worth ISD said they have now removed Jordan's phone number from their auto dialer system.