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Former Town Secretary Faces Theft Charges

$6,600 of town money missing



    A former town secretary faces theft charges in the disappearance of $6,600 from the books of Sunnyvale.

    The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office is conducting the investigation, which was initiated on Nov. 10, when cash from bank deposits was confirmed missing.

    Kathryn Dewey, who resigned in August, before the investigation, faces theft charges in the case.

    Dallas County Sheriff officials said Dewey reported to court on Dec. 7 after a warrant for her arrest was issued. She was released on a personal recognizance bond the same day.

    Former Sunnyvale Town Secretary Charged With Theft

    [DFW] Former Sunnyvale Town Secretary Charged With Theft
    The Dallas County Sheriff's Office is investigating the disappearance of about $6,600 from Sunnyvale.
    (Published Friday, Dec. 16, 2011)

    Payments residents made for water bills and town costs at the Town Hall disappeared during the month of October.

    “About the second week in November, we came across some irregularities in our bank deposits, “ Town Manager Scott Campbell said. “It appeared some bank deposits in the month of October did not make it into the water fund the way they should have.”

    Officials said the investigation is not over.

    "If that maybe the case, it’s something that's disheartening. It's disruptive,” Campbell said. “Kathy has been a part of this family as a part of this municipal team for over 10 years, so we would obviously be very disappointed in that."

    Sunnyvale residents said it was disappointing for the town and its reputation.

    “It’s wrong; it’s wrong,” Frank Broumley said. “Why do you want to steal money from the city? The city is probably having a hard time as it is. We’re the ones paying for everything.”

    The mayor and Town Council have hired an outside audit firm that specializes in municipal financial investigations.

    It will examine how the town processes the recording and depositing of money received. The firm will then present a report and recommend changes when it is finished with its investigation.