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Father, Stepmother Accused of Starving Boy

Father allegedly told police he dumped his son's body in Ellis County



    Relatives of Starved Boy Speak Out

    Dallas police say Johnathan Ramsey was starved to death by his own parents, now his grandmother is talking about what happened to the 11-year-old boy. (Published Monday, April 2, 2012)

    Dallas police say the father and stepmother of a missing 11-year-old admitted to starving the boy, who is believed to have died last year.

    Police have indefinitely called off a search in Ellis County for the remains of Johnathan Ramsey. His grandfather contacted police last week and asked them to look into the boy's welfare.

    According to arrest affidavits released Monday, Aaron and Elizabeth Ramsey said the boy was starved as punishment for kicking his stepmother and causing a miscarriage.

    Elizabeth Ramsey told investigators she was expecting triplets.

    The couple told police they rationed his food and watched as his health deteriorated, according to the affidavits. Aaron Ramsey said the boy went from weighing 90 pounds to about 60 pounds between March and August of last year.

    In August, Ramsey said he found the boy unconscious in his room, according to the affidavits. He told police he wrapped the child up and put him in a vacant house's storm shelter next door. Ramsey told investigators he dumped the boy's body in Ennis a day or two later.

    Both Ramseys are charged with injury to a child. Bond has been set at $500,000 each.

    Julie Ramsey, Johnathan Ramsey's grandmother, said she finds the details hard to believe.

    "I can't imagine Aaron letting that happen," she said. "He was his pride and joy. He wanted to be a father."

    Julie Ramsey said that while she was concerned, she never thought anything like this would happen. She said she felt like she lost two boys -- her son and grandson.

    Child Protective Services has no record of being called to help the family.