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Dallas Halfway Up Most Dangerous List

Big D ranks 52nd of 100 most dangerous U.S. cities



    Dallas Halfway Up Most Dangerous List
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    Another day, another national list put out by some media outlet.

    This time it’s an Associated Press article published at msnbc.com, and it concerns the top 100 most dangerous cities in the United States during 2009.

    A survey conducted by CQ Press weighed population numbers and crime statistics based on the FBI database.

    The computers chewed up the numbers and spit out the results, which placed Dallas at 52 among the 100 most dangerous cities in America -- so we’re kind of half-and-half, huh?

    St. Louis, Mo., stole the title of most dangerous from Camden, N.J., with Detroit and Flint, Mich., and Oakland, Calif., making up the top or bottom five, depending on how you see these things.

    The survey deemed Colonie, N.Y., as the safest city in These United States, probably because they can’t spell the words on ransom or stick-up notes there.

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