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Couple Reunites Ring With Owner 1,000 Miles Away

High school championship ring was lost in garage fire

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    Lost Ring Returned to Owner

    A Dallas couple is reuniting a Florida man with a piece of his Texas past, a class ring thought lost, found after the June hail storms. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2012)

    A Dallas couple is reuniting a Florida man with a piece of his Texas past.

    The couple, who live in the home Michael Hugo grew up in, found something he was sure was lost forever while they were building a shed.

    "Everything happens for a reason," Heather Allen said.

    Last weekend, she and her husband, Lon, were tearing down their shed, which was destroyed in June's hailstorm.

    "He pulled all the rotten boards out, and there was a vine sticking up from out of the ground, and when he pulled it, something popped out of the ground, and it looked like a ring," Heather Allen said.

    The ring is a football championship ring from South Grand Prairie High School. It commemorates a quarterfinalist finish 20 years ago and has Lugo's name engraved inside.

    Curious about the owner, Allen scoured the Internet. She found him more than 1,000 away -- a restaurateur in St. Augustine, Fla.

    "You never know what you're going to find, and I was able to find him," she said. "[It] just makes me feel like good karma is coming your way or something."

    Lugo lost the ring when the garage that used to be where the shed was burned years ago with all his high school and college memories inside.

    "It was neat that she did that and, you know, kind of found me half way across the country," he said.

    Lugo said he is very thankful Allen went to the steps she did to find him.

    "I will never look at the shed the same again, because what a treasure to find those are someone's memories," Allen said. "And I graduated the same time this gentleman graduated, so I feel this kind of kinmanship for someone that graduated in the '90s."