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County Adopting Out Donkeys for $25

County also adopting out 2 horses, auctioning goats



    County Adopting Out Donkeys for $25
    Weatherford-Parker County Animal Control
    Donkeys available for $25 each to good homes.

    The Weatherford-Parker County Animal Shelter is looking to unload several donkeys, horses and sheep they've had under their care.

    Officials said the donkey herd was spotted in Whitt, roaming free two months ago, and were rounded up and taken to animal control. Since that time, no one has come forward to claim the animals.

    Now, Weatherford-Parker County Animal Shelter is making the animals available for adoption for only $25, with no application fee for county residents.

    "We are only asking for $25 for each of the donkeys to cover the costs of the Coggins testing," Kessler said. "We just want to see them in permanent, adequate homes."

    Kessler said each of the donkeys is male, has been castrated and proved negative on Coggins test. Two of the donkeys have been fostered until a permanent home can be established for the gelded jacks.

    There are also two horses up for adoption, a mare with a good disposition and an 8-month-old colt seized from a home in Peaster due to extreme neglect. Kessler said the shelter is seeking a $100 fee for the adoption of each horse to a county resident with a good home.

    "There are currently no serious health issues with the horses," said Kessler in a news release, adding that due to the severity of the neglect, "They are in need of proper nutrition and a lot of TLC."

    The shelter also seized six Barbado sheep, including one ram, a doe and four kids in a neglected state earlier this month from a Millsap residence. One of the sheep died due to health-related issues from the neglect, officials said. The sheep are available through an online auction at

    "Anyone interested in permanently adopting these animals can contact the shelter directly or come by to see them," Kessler said.

    Kessler also encourages all livestock owners to register their animals to help trace them to their owner should they get lost and to help avoid animals presenting road hazards should they escape. Registration forms can be found at

    The shelter is located at 403 Hickory Lane in Weatherford. The phone number is 817-598-4111.