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Blue-Green Algae Closes Some Texoma Beaches

Algae can cause irritation in humans but could be fatal to pets



    Blue-Green Algae Closes Some Texoma Beaches
    flickr/Robert Nunnally
    Eisenhower State Park, near Lake Texoma on the Texas-Oklahoma border.

    Visitors are no longer allowed on the sand at some Lake Texoma beaches.

    Beaches on the Bryan County, Okla., side of Lake Texoma are closed due to an advisory about blue-green algae bloom.

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers detected the bloom around the Burns Run East and West areas and closed the associated beaches.  The closure only pertains to the designated swim beaches.

    The algae blooms are more likely to occur when water levels are low and temperatures are high.

    The blue-green algae can cause skin irritation and intestinal or respiratory problems in humans.  Additionally, it can prove deadly to pets if they drink too much of the water where the algae is present.