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Big Banner to Blanket Dallas Airspace

Truck-maker sets world record for largest aerial banner



    The World's Largest Banner was hoisted aloft Friday in Dallas -- moments later it unintentionally fell back to Earth. (Published Friday, Oct. 1, 2010)

    Ram Trucks set the world’s record this morning for the biggest aerial banner ever to go airborne, but it didn’t happen without a bit of drama attached, or detached as the case may be.

    The 53,000-square-foot — that’s nearly the size of a football field — advertisement lifted off behind a Bell 412 twin-engine helicopter about 7:15 Friday morning, and broke the record as it got off the ground, which was fortunate for Ram Trucks.

    About 30 seconds into the flight, the banner broke free and fluttered into a wooded area near Executive Airport, well, as much as a 53,000-square-foot anything can flutter.

    But hey, good for Ram Trucks. They officially set the record if unofficially setting the record for largest banner crash.

    Heads up, though, and literally. Evidently, the banner was built Ram tough, and the monster takes to the air again and heads toward Fair Park this afternoon about 3:30 and then again twice tomorrow during the Texas-OU game.

    Wonder if there’s a world record category for largest single piece of debris to stop a football game.

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