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Average Gasoline Prices Increase by Two Cents in Texas



    Average Gasoline Prices Increase by Two Cents in Texas

    Statewide gas prices go up by two cents. The AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch says the price of regular unleaded fuel is now $3.36. Despite the increase in gas prices, the current amount is still 18 cents less than what it was last year.

    AAA Texas/New Mexico Representative Doug Shupe said “Pump prices in most states moved higher over the last week."

    According to the AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch, out of all the metropolitan areas that surveyed in Texas, Fort Worth drivers are paying the most at $3.47 per gallon, and San Antonio is paying the least at $3.25. Overall Texas drivers pay 18 cents less for gas than drivers nationwide whose average cost sits at $3.54.

    AAA analyst experts said the increase in gas can occur due to many reasons. Seasonal refinery maintenance and any disruption to production and distribution can alter gas prices. Refiners are required to switch over to produce summer-blend gasoline every spring.

    The maintenance that is involved before the switch as well as the switch itself can increase the chances of creating any disruption, said the AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch. This can ultimately increase gas prices in the area that is normally supplied by a limited or offline facility, said AAA.

    Drivers in Texas currently pay  $47 to fill up a 14-gallon size fuel tank, said Shupe. Analyst experts from AAA said they expect to see prices peak in the following weeks.