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Arlington Parents Sacrifice For Student Transfers



    Parents camping out to land transfer spots into Arlington schools are nearing the end of their sacrifice. (Published Friday, March 1, 2013)

    Arlington School District administrators are busy processing last-minute camping permits to parents who want to transfer their children into different schools in the district.

    At last check, the accounting department had issued 36 permits--with more parents waiting in line.

    The transfer applications will be processed on Saturday morning, but the parents must wait in the designated camping area once they receive their permits.

    About 20 parents started camping out first thing Monday morning, and have been dealing with the biting cold temperatures all week. Other parents started arriving towards the middle of the week, taking their chances that a transfer spot would be available at the school of their choice.

    It's a huge sacrifice for the parents---and it takes an emotional and psychical toll on them.

    There's also a financial sacrifice, since many parents said they had to take off work completely or work half days so they could maintain their spots in the camping line.

    A few parents brought tents and sleeping bags, but by Wednesday, it was just too cold to safely spend the nights outdoors.

    Most parents are sleeping in RV's and campers. The rest are sleeping in the back of their cars.

    Eric Mittig has been sleeping in the back of his car for the last three nights. He is trying to transfer his two children into Butler Elementary.

    "It's tiring. Sleeping in a four door Sedan isn't the best recipe for success. But we'll get through it. We'll get through it, it's worth it to get them the opportunity," Mittig said.

    "You're not eating as well as you're used to. Your legs are tired, your legs are cramped. You find it's more difficult to get the words out when you talk," he said.

    Parents had to pay a $50 fee for the week-long permit to stay in the administration parking lot at night. They'll have to pay even more money to have their transfer applications processed.

    Transfer applications will be accepted beginning Saturday morning at 8 a.m.