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Arlington Cops Shoot Bozo... the Dog

Officer shot dog when it started to nip, police say



    Arlington Cops Shoot Bozo... the Dog
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    An Arlington police officer shot a dog when it started to nip, police say.

    Bozo came too close to the kids and got shot; not the famous clown, but a dog named "Bozo."

    Students at Bebensee Elementary School in Arlington were outside on a bus drill, when two dogs ran onto school grounds.

    Arlington police were chasing the two dogs when Bozo the boxer started getting aggressive.

    "They told us to get in line so we can get in the building," said Kayla Kilgore, a second-grader at the school.

    Bozo the Dog Shot on the Playground

    [DFW] Bozo the Dog Shot on the Playground
    Arlington police say they had to shoot a dog named Bozo after it posed a threat to school children on a playground during a routine campus drill.
    (Published Friday, Sept. 25, 2009)

    But when Bozo started nipping at police, an officer was forced to pull his gun and shoot Bozo, police said.

    "I just heard a gunshot, and people were screaming," Kayla said.

    The Arlington Independent School District sent a letter about the incident home to parents.

    Just down the street, Kim Williams said she was surprised to hear what happened. She has been taking care of Bozo for her uncle, who is on the road as a truck driver.

    "My kids ride on him -- my 4-year-old rides him like a horse," she said. "They're not aggressive."

    Williams also said Bozo is a big dog and is high-energy. She said Bozo, and her dog, Ginger, escaped in the morning through a hole in the fence.

    Bozo is expected to recover from his gunshot wound.

    Williams said she just wants to know why police didn't call her and tell her what happened.

    "I feel really horrible, but you know, I understand why they shot the dog," she said. "I mean, they had no choice; there were children outside."