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Airport Parking Fines Jump 100-360%



    Airport Parking Fines Jump 100-360%
    DFW Airport

    Fines for parking violations at DFW Airport are going up by more than 100 percent and in some cases are nearly 500 percent higher than in the past.

    The airport's board passed a resolution to raise the fines for violations, the Star-Telegram reports.  Most fines jump from $28 to $58.  However, the boot fee increased by 300 percent to $100 and the fine for illegally parking in an handicapped space jumped nearly 400 percent to $293.

    This is the first fine increase since they were implemented in 2001.

    The fees will not go into effect until approved by both the Fort Worth and Dallas city councils.

    Here is a breakdown of the new fine amounts
    No Parking Zone goes from $28.00 to $58.00
    Double Parking goes from $28.00 to $68.00
    Blocking Cross Walk goes from $28.00 to $58.00
    Blocking Roadway goes from $28.00 to $58.00
    Limited Parkway goes from $28.00 to $58.00
    Unauthorized Zone goes from $28.00 to $58.00
    Failed to Park in Marked Space goes from $28.00 to $58.00
    Boot Fee goes from $25.00 to $100.00
    Fire Lane goes from $38.00 to $68.00
    Handicap Space goes from $63.00 to $293.00