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AISD Superintendent Goes to School

New school year brings new experiences, expectations



    The new school year brings a new superintendent for the Arlington Independent School District. Dr. Marcelo Cavazos spent the first day playing the role of a student. (Published Monday, Aug. 27, 2012)

    He didn't exactly look like the other students standing at a Martin High School bus stop early Monday morning, but the Arlington school district's interim superintendent tried to act like one.

    Interim Superintendent Marcelo Cavazos spent the first day of school riding the bus, visiting classrooms around the district and eating lunch in the newly renovated Arlington High School cafeteria, pulling up a seat at a table packed with students.

    "It gave me a chance to experience what they do on their level," he said.

    Students seemed to appreciate the visit.

    "It was neat to see him outside of work, here talking to students, seeing him be personal," Martin High senior Blake Bishop said.

    The superintendent said it's important to know what a student experiences on a day-to-day basis and the critical role that everyone along the way plays, from the bus stop to the classroom to the cafeteria.

    "We're all players in this," Cavazos said. "We all have a significant part in ensuring that students are successful -- bus drivers, cafeteria, maintenance, principals, teachers, senior administrators, etc., so it allows me to, one, interact with staff, but also to experience what students are experiencing."

    And on a busy first day of classes, there's a lot to experience and a lot to get used to.

    "You've got some that are nervous and some that aren't so nervous and some that have done it and some that haven't, so it's just an exciting day," said Principal Tiffany Jackson at Key Elementary.

    Before day one was even over, some were already looking ahead.

    "There's a lot to look forward to this senior year," Bishop said. "You get a lot of benefits. Prom is probably what I'm looking forward to the most."

    But don't ask about homework.

    "As a senior, I'm not looking forward to the homework being piled on me," he said. "I'm expecting a little bit less."

    Meanwhile, teachers and administrators are expecting a little bit more.

    "My expectations are for us to improve and continue to do well," Jackson said.