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AISD Super Apologizes Over Alleged Bush Favoritism



    AISD Super Apologizes Over Alleged Bush Favoritism

    Jerry McCullough, the superintendent of Arlington schools, has apologized for decisions that cast a negative light on the district earlier this week.

    McCullough made the decision to record President Barack Obama's address to students instead of allowing students to watch it live.  The district caught additional flack when they approved 28 fifth-grade classes to be bussed to an upcoming Super Bowl event at Cowboys Stadium, where former President George W. Bush will be speaking, on Sept. 21.

    "In retrospect, I can see how the district’s decisions concerning these two events could be seen as favoring one event over another," McCullough said. "I sincerely regret that this chain of events has occurred and brought negative attention to our district. I apologize that my decisions on behalf of the district have disappointed or hurt people."

    Obama's speech was to be recorded and made available for teachers to use at another time.

    "I am encouraging teachers to use President Obama’s speech on the importance of education and personal responsibility as an educational resource in their classrooms when and how they deem most appropriate for their students," said McCullough.

    Those wishing to watch the speech live were granted an excused absence and allowed to watch it off campus.

    Read McCullough's full statement here.