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AAC Parking Move May Be Delayed

Fans annoyed to hear parking may move



    AAC Parking Move May Be Delayed

    A plan by developers to take away a big chunk of parking at the American Airlines Center may be postponed until after the NHL and NBA playoffs.

    Center Operating Company, the group that operates American Airlines Center for the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars, said Friday that they asked Hillwood Development to delay the re-designation of Lot F into other parking lots.

    As reported earlier this week, within a month Center Operating Company must give up 600 of their 800 spaces in Lot F directly north of the AAC.

    Brad Mayne, president of COO, said they've offered financial incentives to Hillwood if they'll delay moving until after June 1.  As of this writing, Hillwood has not replied.

    Even if the delay is denied, there will still be plenty of parking at the arena.

    "There are lots and parking places available," said Mayne, "and Hillwood, because of solid long-term parking agreements, has to always make 3,000 parking spaces available specific to American Airlines Center Parking."

    "Ross Perot Jr. was one of the key architect/designers of both American Airlines Center and Victory Park," said Mayne. "I have to believe that he knows this venue and the events that occur here are a central, ongoing part of a successful development; American Airlines Center is the centerpiece. We are truly hopeful that he can convince his buyer/developer to respect our fans and the playoff process as well as the major concert events coming up. He can do that by making sure Lot F remains open for fans and event customers until July 1."