North Texas

Kids Throwing Rocks Smash Windshield, Injure 90-Year-Old Man: Woman

A North Texas driver says a rock thrown by a group of children from a highway overpass crashed through her windshield and struck her 90-year-old father Sunday.

Cindy Boyd, of Arlington, was driving along Interstate 30 near the Randol Mill Road overpass when she said she saw a group of children on top of the overpass apparently throwing rocks.

Moments later, a rock smashed through her windshield and hit her 90-year-old father, Raymond Mikeska, in the chest and covered him with shards of glass.

“It happened so quick. I didn’t expect anything like that to happen,” Mikeska said.

Mikeska was taken to the hospital to be treated for scratches and bruises to his chest.

“This was something that could have been a fatality, but luckily it was not,” said Boyd.

Fort Worth police are investigating the incident but said they haven't made any arrests. If caught, police said those responsible could face charges of assault and injury to the elderly.

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