8-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday Wish Prompts Huge Donation Drive

When Adisynn Kiker turned 8-years-old last week, she didn’t ask for her toys. Instead, she asked family and friends to donate food to pets in need.

Her birthday wish hit Facebook and spread throughout her community, prompting dozens of businesses and people to donate more than 12,000 pounds of dog and cat food in just a few days to the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake.

The shelter’s president, Lanette Ainsworth, said they are incredibly appreciative of Adisynn’s good deed and the many people who helped fulfill her birthday wish.

According to the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake, total donations accounted for:

• 580 pounds of cat litter
• 11,591 pounds of dog food
• 152 pounds of cat food
• 28 cans of cat food
• 43 gallons of bleach
• 7 containers of laundry soap
• 7 simple green
• 60 rolls of paper towels

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