$8 Million Dallas Fire Station Set to Open

The most expensive fire station ever built by the city of Dallas is set to open next month.

After numerous delays, Station 27 at Douglas Avenue and Northwest Highway will serve an area which currently relies on services from neighboring fire stations.

The new fire station is 23,000 square feet, three stories tall and has an underground parking garage.

The building, which has a price tag of just under $8.1 million, is funded by a 2006 Dallas bond project.
"I'm frustrated with it and I'm asking questions," said Dallas City Councilwoman Jennifer Gates. "I think we have to be good stewards in spending our taxpayers' dollars."

Station 27 sits in Gates's district.

A June 2, 2015, memo from Dallas Public Works Director Rick Galceran addressed construction delays. Among the issues included a water main break on Douglas Avenue, gas line installations and changes to the aluminum-etched graphic panels.

Gates said the project is slightly under budget and safety hasn't been affected.

According to Dallas Fire-Rescue, surrounding stations are handling fire calls for now.

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