7th Street Bridge Closure Means Detours, Delays

Bridge reconstruction to be completed around Thanksgiving

After years of planning, work on a century-old Fort Worth bridge is underway.

On Wednesday night, crews shut down traffic on the West 7th Street Bridge so that they can begin replacing the bridge.

On Thursday, for the first time residents, shoppers and employees put the detours and road closure to the test.

All along West 7th Street warning signs are up to let people know the bridge is closed so that drivers can find an alternative route.

"I took the detours, but I could still not get over here. So I had to call and we're about to be late to our appointment," said Amanda Baghaei, an Arlington resident.

The closure and detours did catch some people off guard, like Baghaei, who was on her way to get her hair done for prom.

"I had no idea, because I live in Arlington and she comes here all the time, my friend, but we had no idea it was going to be like this," she said.

Residents and businesses in the area have known for months, but on the closure's first full day they ran into delays as well.

"Everybody is going to Lancaster, so I'm just going to have to suffer through it," said Lee Wilson, a resident along West 7th Street. "And this morning you could already tell it's going to be backed up, it took me twice as long to get to work."

But, much like the rainy weather on Thursday, everyone said they'll just have to deal with the closure.

"It sucks, but it is what it is. It's progress I guess," Wilson said.

It's progress that has everyone looking for the right way to go.

"I'm going to grin and bear it and walk where ever I can," Wilson said.

"I think I'm just going to put it (the route home) in my iPhone and hope for the best," Baghaei said.

The bridge will re-open next week to limited traffic. But next month it will close again until right around Thanksgiving.

On Friday morning, weather permitting, the first of the arches will be moved into place as part of the construction work on the bridge.

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