5 ‘Teacher Tips' for Parents About STAAR Testing

Instead of cramming for the test; try to help them relax

This is a huge week for students across North Texas as STAAR testing begins. It can be a stressful time for children and parents, but it doesn’t have to be.

NBC 5 went back to school for a lesson on what teachers want you to know to help your students succeed.

Hurst Junior High School math teacher, Amanda Steger, said one of her first assignments to parents is to help kids relax.

“I would tell the kids to do something fun. Parents take them to do something fun – a mental break,” Steger said. “They have been working hard all year and like I tell my kid, I just want their best. Their best will be them relaxing and not stressing over that test.”

The night before the test parents can take the kids for a treat or cook their favorite dinner. Instead of cramming for the test; try to help them relax.

Steger said you should also have them unplug completely.

“They are going to bed with their cellphones. They are going to their rooms playing video games and staying up later they would just sleeping,” Steger said. “I would recommend parents turning off the screen at least an hour before bed.”

Steger also wants parents to spend more time encouraging kids. Send them off with a huge hug on test day.

“Be their biggest cheerleader. We have to build their confidence. A lot of our kids battle with testing anxiety and they come to me and they don't believe they can,” Steger said. “I am spending a good chunk of my year trying to convince them they are smart and they are capable.”

Another teachers told Scholastic.com about giving students a balloon to keep in their pocket to remind them that it’s almost time to celebrate. They can reach into their pockets if they get nervous or overwhelmed.

It’s no secret that a good breakfast is important on test day, but what should you serve?

Nutritionists suggest high-protein foods like lean meat, eggs and low-sugar yogurt, slow-releasing energy carbs like oats and quinoa and healthy fats like nuts. Make sure your kids drink lots of water.

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