3-Year-Old's School Pictures Don't Turn Out as Planned, Go Viral

A 3-year-old Arkansas boy whose pre-K school pictures didn't turn out as he rehearsed has gone viral.

His mother, Amber McFadden, said she and her son Landon White, of Little Rock, had been practicing a big smile the day before his photos were taken.

In the photos, he stared at the camera blankly in some and had a closed-mouth smile in others. McFadden said she and her husband had a good laugh. Her sister, Ariel Raine, shared the pictures on Twitter Monday and as of Thursday, the tweet has 45,000 retweets and more than 215,000 likes.

The pictures led Twitter users to share their school pictures that also didn't go according to plan.

When Landon's school pictures were ready, his teacher told the parents that he was giving the photographer a hard time and didn't smile.

"I thought maybe he did better than I'm imagining," McFadden said. "I'm like 'Landon, why didn't you smile?' and he said he was sad, but in school right now they're learning to recognize emotions. He said he didn't want to smile. He couldn't have been sad."

McFadden says she's still going to buy all the pictures.

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