5 Teens Injured in Wreck After Fight, Chase: Police

Five people were injured when the pickup they were traveling in crashed into a house as they chased a group of people in a sedan, The Colony police say.

Cesar Rojas said his younger brothers, 19-year-old Geovanni Rojas and 20-year-old Jesus Rojas, were at a house party on Strickland Avenue when a group of five people between the ages of 18 and 20 — including a student at The Colony High School — arrived in a white pickup truck. A fistfight broke out, but was quickly broken up.

After everyone left the party, the two Rojas brothers and two other friends — ages 19 and 20 — drove a Dodge Caliber to a 7-Eleven near Paige Road and Texas 121. The five in the pickup arrived shortly after and smashed the windows of the Dodge with a baseball bat, according to police.

Geovanni was just getting back in the care after paying for gas. "I was outside the car and barely had a chance to get inside the car before they started swinging," said Geovanni Rojas.

Police say the group in the Dodge drove away from the 7-Eleven, but with the white truck following them. Geovanni Rojas called 911, and said that their car was hit three times, which police confirmed.

The driver of the white truck lost control, crashed into a house on Crutchberry Place, and was ejected from the vehicle. Geovanni Rojas, who saw it, told the 911 operator an ambulance was needed.[[296868961,C]]

"Once they saw the truck flipping, my brother told the operator to get an ambulance to the area," he said.

The Grays live inside the home that was hit.

"I woke up and heard screaming that prompted me to look out the window," said Kathy Gray.

She also called 911. Their house had a hole on the side of the garage, which has been boarded up. Her husband was very emotional about the accident.

"My main concern is for the kids, my house can be fixed," said Gray.

One person in the truck was taken to a hospital in a medical helicopter, according to police. An ambulance transported three other teens to nearby hospitals with serious injuries.

Police said the fifth person in the truck fled the scene. Officers later found him seeking medical treatment in Lewisville.

Two are still hospitalized with serious injuries.

Three teens were injured when a truck crashed into a home after two fights and a chase Wednesday night, The Colony police say.

"I hope they’re OK, honestly," Cesar Rojas said. "I don’t wish anything bad on them."

The Rojas brothers and the other two passengers in the Dodge were not injured and continued to the police station after the crash.

Police say there could be assault charges for the people in the truck.

"It goes back to what could be worth all of this. Not just the criminal charges but there are some people seriously hurt out of this, and it seems like over nothing and that is the tragic part of the whole situation," said Lt. Darren Brockway of the Colony Police Department.

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