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3-D Technology in Surgery

Dallas hospital uses 3-D imaging during ear surgeries



    It seems like everything is happening in 3-D these days -- including surgeries.

    Doctors say the technology improves safety and patient outcomes and is a great way to train the next generation of physicians.

    Methodist Hospital for Surgery in Dallas is using 3-D technology for ear surgeries.

    The operating room has 50-inch 3-D monitors, and the operating team can use special glasses to put the images into focus.

    Surgeries Go 3-D

    [DFW] Surgeries Go 3-D
    Doctors are using 3-D technology for surgery, hoping to improve safety and patient outcomes and train the next generation of young physicians.
    (Published Tuesday, March 1, 2011)

    "Our surgical microscopes have cameras attached to them, and those cameras broadcast the images that we are seeing as we operate through the microscope, and the microscope is required to do complex surgery on people who have ear conditions,” Dr. Robert Owens said.

    "By using 3-D imaging, all the other participants in the operating room can see what we're seeing on a video monitor in three dimension," he said.

    Owens said 3-D technology is making his surgeries and others faster and safer.

    "Everybody's able to see what I'm doing, and it's easier for them to help us get through the surgery,” he said. “They’re able to anticipate what's going to happen next.”