Fort Worth

$2.8 Million Program Is Revitalizing Fort Worth Neighborhood

Underserved neighborhood is getting major face-lift

A $2.8 million Fort Worth program aimed at revitalizing an underserved neighborhood is getting rave reviews from the people who live there.

In January, city leaders selected the Ash Crescent neighborhood, just southwest of Highway 287 and Rosedale Street, for a major face-lift.

The neighborhood was known for its high poverty – and a crime rate three times the city average.

"We had prostitutes walking the streets, dope dealers," said Carlos Webster, who has lived in Ash Crescent his entire life.

But now?

"Now, things have changed," said J.D. Thomas, who runs a body shop on Riverside Drive and also lives in Ash Crescent.

The neighbors credit the city program with lifting up their neighborhood.

"It's getting much better now," Webster said. "I mean I thank God for the city of Fort Worth stepping up to the plate, helping us."

The city is pouring money into everything from new street lights, to street repairs.

In January, streets were covered with trash.

Now, the bulk of it is gone.

Owners are cleaning up their own lots, sometimes under pressure from code enforcement officers.

Webster had to remove some old cars parked on the side of his house.

"They're staying on us, making sure everybody cleans up," he said.

New houses are going up. Old dilapidated ones are coming down. And people are fixing up the ones they have.

"I like it. I like it. They done good," said neighbor Josephine Williams.

Like her neighbors, she said she's amazed at the changes.

"Anything to clean up the street and the neighborhood and clean it up, that's a blessing," she said.

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