2016 Preview? Perry, Cruz at Same GOP Gathering

Sounding more than ever like a 2016 presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is calling for a national "rebellion" against a "power-hungry, oppressive" president.

Perry is one of two Texans eying possible White House runs and addressing Friday's RedState Gathering in Fort Worth. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz is the other.

It's the kind of top-tier conservative event necessary to build national support.

Some in the crowd of around 500 cried "Amen!" when Perry said it was time for a revolution of ideas against the Obama administration. He stopped short, though, of calling for impeachment.

Perry has tried to adopt a more humble, intellectual image since the cowboy bravado of his 2012 presidential bid fizzled.

Cruz, meanwhile, is a tea party superstar, stirring controversy and enraging congressional leaders from both parties.

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