15 Arlington Police Officers on Leave Pending Traffic Stop Report Investigation

The Arlington Police Department placed 15 officers on paid administrative leave Tuesday amid an investigation into whether they falsified reports of traffic stops.

In an emailed statement, the department said it uncovered suspicious reporting of traffic stop activity during a routine audit and that the officers could face criminal charges.

The review found that officers may have claimed they conducted traffic stops that, in fact, did not occur and no tickets were ever issued, the statement said.

“These allegations are serious and represent conduct that is not consistent with departmental expectations," Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson said. "I expect Arlington officers to perform their duties with the highest degree of personal integrity. We will investigate these allegations to determine the facts of this case.”

Officers are required to report driver demographics, the reason for the traffic stop, and note whether an arrest occurred and whether or not a search was conducted during the stop for a yearly racial-profiling report.

The department did a thorough review of traffic stops that occurred within the last 90 days, which resulted in the identification of the 15 officers, police said.

Investigators are expanding their probe to determine if any additional personnel complaints are warranted.

The department also said it had notified the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office about the investigation and will share the results to determine if criminal prosecution is necessary.

NBC 5's Scott Gordon contributed to this report.

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