13 Candidates Added to Approved Write-In List for President of the United States

Not happy with the Republican or Democratic nominees for president?

There are other options, but it will require voters to write-in their choice from a list of eligible candidates approved by the Texas Secretary of State.

For the 2016 election, there are 13 certified write-in candidates for the nation's top office. See them here.

The list will be printed out and provided at each voting booth.

The write-in process varies by county, but for those using the electronic voting system they'll need to scroll to the "Write-In" box and type in the candidate's name.

The director of elections for Tarrant County, Michael Winn, said spelling doesn't necessarily matter as long as it's close. Winn encouraged voters to stick to the list provided as other names won't count.

"Obviously, Mickey Mouse is not a certified write-in, but they can. They can put in Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, but those are not certified write-ins and they will not be counted," Winn said.

The approved list includes 13 politicians, lawyers, activists and businessmen -- four on the list are from Texas.


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