11-Year-Old North Texan Back on the Road Covering Politics

A Cedar Hill 11-year-old, will be right in the thick of the midterm elections. Phoenix Legg is once again heading out on the road in an RV with his father.

“I really had a passion for, you know, for politics, especially during the debates and primaries of 2016,” said Phoenix Legg.

Phoenix really wanted to be there in person.

“I asked dad if we could go to the debates around the country and he finally gave in,” he added.

Phoenix's father Matt Legg gave into staying on the road for different time periods since the debates. They went to the inauguration, and kept going. Phoenix started a blog, and scored press passes. He began interviewing politicians on both sides of the aisle. He is also making a point to attend rallies and protests.

“I am looking for what the people think about, you know, the issues, because you hear people that are in politics on the news, but I want to you know bring in the actual Americans that are voting,” he added.

Phoenix met Vice President Pence at an event, and made a memorable impression.

“If I am up in DC, lots of times if I am at the Capitol and the motorcade goes by and if he sees me he will wave. That has always been neat to me,” said Phoenix.

He also received a letter of encouragement from Vice President Pence.

While Phoenix fills up his reporter pads, dad is behind the camera, when he is not home schooling him.

“It’s been draining and rewarding, which of course in life, the most rewarding things do take a lot of energy. It has changed my life because I have given up a lot. I don’t know how else he could have grown the way he has in two years than this so no better reward,” said Matt Legg.

Don’t expect to see Phoenix on a ballot, but you may see him on a screen.

"I think reporter and journalist, you know that would be really what I want to do,” said Phoenix.

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