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Psychologists Aim to Connect With Texans During Pandemic

A new campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of psychology, the diversity of the profession and the importance of access to mental health care

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It's been almost 11 months since the COVID-19 pandemic hit North Texas.

More than 80% of Americans report some symptoms of prolonged stress related to the pandemic, according to the American Psychological Association.

With COVID-19 impacting physical health and mental health, educating Texans about the role of psychologists in health care and providing resources for accessing mental health care is even more critical.

That's why the Texas Psychological Association is launching Texas Psychologists in Action.

"We really don't do a good job of educating what psychology is and what we do when we would talk to people. That's what made us decide to launch this campaign," said the president of the Texas Psychological Association Dr. Frances Douglas.

Texas Psychologists in Action includes a wide range of educational content as well as a search tool to find psychologists across Texas.

The campaign is online at the Texas Psychological Association’s website at

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