Panera Posts Calorie Labels on Fountain Drinks Ahead of Government Deadline

Panera will roll out the signage starting on April 5

Panera is doubling down on its clean initiative ahead of a government deadline, CNBC reports.

The labels will have information about the amount of added sugar and calories in drinks. You'll see the signs at the self-serve drink counter, where the soda machines are.

This is part of an effort to give customers more transparency about the foods and drinks they're consuming.

The founder and chief executive at Panera told the New York Times, "we're going to help you understand that you can have a soft drink, but please know that when you drink it, you may be drinking well in excess of the federal government's daily recommended allowance of sugar."

The move comes ahead of a May deadline, when federal regulations will require restaurant chains with 20 or more stores to post calorie counts on their menus and at soda fountains.

Panera will roll out the signage starting on April 5.

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