Mobile Mammography Unit Tours Hunt County in May

A heads up for all the busy women in Hunt County, a mammography unit is on the move and could be coming to a town near you.

The Tubby Adkisson Mobile Mammography Coach is making several stops in Hunt County throughout the month of May.

The mobile mammogram unit is outfitted with the latest digital equipment and everything doctors need to conduct mammograms.

Named for volunteer Nita 'Tubby' Adkisson, the coach makes visits to businesses, churches and locations throughout Hunt County.

Most insurance plans are accepted and a $100 flat fee is available for those who choose to pay cash. Appointments for these remote mammograms are scheduled in advance so that insurance and eligibility can be verified. Financial resources may be available by calling 903-408-5720.

To schedule a date at your business or location, call 903-408-5010 or CLICK HERE for a list of upcoming dates and locations.

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